Doing a PhD with us

If you are interested by our research and wish to do a PhD with us, you may be interested by the following information.
  1. Diplome required: As a general rule, a post-graduate degree such as a Master degree (in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics or other tightly related specialities) is required. The preparation of the PhD lasts typically 3-4 years.
  2. Research project: The research project for the PhD program is jointly defined by the PhD candidate and the supervisor. This is generally done during the first 4 months.
  3. PhD Scholarship: Students with a scholarship may be admitted more easily. French government proposes also a very limited number of PhD scholarships. These scholarships are generally given to the best classified post-graduate students. Other scholarships come essentially from research grants.
  4. Cost: There is no tuition fee (which is in fact paid by the French state), but you should pay each year an registration fee that costs some EUR 391 for 2016. Under the French national health insurance scheme, you should also pay some EUR 180 to get this insurance. An additional minimum monthly budget will then be somewhere between EUR 700 to 1 000: EUR 200 to 400 for accommodation,  EUR 150 to 300 for food, EUR 30 to 50 for public transports and other expenditures (e.g. A cinema ticket costs EUR 8.50 on average, though there is often a student rate at EUR 7, a soft drink or a coffee costs about EUR 3, and a meal in a restaurant costs at least EUR 14, a fastfood meal costs EUR 6-10).